First Telehealth/Telefitness
Super App

20+ Years Consumer Health
R&D/Manufacturing/Global Marketing

Impacting Consumer Sarcopenia
and Immunological Senescence.

Resulting in 4 divisions
32 app platforms.

Over 29 global patents,
first SmartMask conversion kit.

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Protection Against Present 
and Future Pandemics

20 Ways SmartMask Protects Against Present and Future Pandemics

Fuzelo SmartMask

PPE Conversion Enhancement Kit

20 Features That Improve Consumer PPE Masks

Filtration increase: 400-to-900 percent.
Cost savings: 1500-to-2500 percent.

Less than 9 percent facial contact.
15 seal-fitting cushions.

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How SmartMask Works

Fuzelo MedTech Division

Over 1900 designs.
Patent pending.

Think tank of engineers, scientists, designers 
and Harvard/MIT medical doctor.

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How SmartMask’s Innovative Technology Works

Why SmartMask Improves PPE

15 Custom Air-Fitting Seals and Cushions

Studies indicated a 95 percent effective mask with leaks
can decline up to 50 percent or more.

Experts indicated a mask’s facial fitting is
more important than its material.

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How SmartMask Improves PPE Masks

SmartMask PPE Comparison
More Protection and Breathability

Greater airflow material filtration increases breathability
and COVID protection.

SmartMask increases surgical mask airflow filtration
from 10-to-20 percent to 80-to-90 percent.

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SmartMask PPE Comparison
SmartMask PPE Comparison
SmartMask PPE Comparison
SmartMask PPE Comparison
Can you guess which is the 20-cent surgical mask,
the $1.50 KF-94, the $3 KN95 or the $5 N95?

All 4 masks have non-woven meltblown electrostatic filter fabric and none have been Photoshopped or altered.

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“The SmartMask is genius -- can use with my N95, fabric or surgical mask. Fit and comfort are a million times better and adjustable breathing is amazing!!!”

- Bob T. (National Mask distributor)

“As a front line worker, my surgical mask was always loose and with direct mouth/nose contact. Smartmask is tight fitting and I can breath like with an N95 mask.”

- David P. (Front line worker)

“Sounds like you are onto something that could be very useful. Interesting solution. I can imagine that it is superior to the fix-the-mask device for comfort, with a good surgical mask.”

- Don M, MD, PhD - Professor

“I’d say it’s about time. It makes this surgical mask something I can wear longer and it fits better on my face.”

- Andrew S., theater worker, 24

“I like the idea -- and the initiative. I am interested in this because it makes my mask better than what we have now.”

- Rob W, 64, life coach

No mask or respirator is capable of providing 100 percent protection against any contaminant.

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