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20+ Years Consumer Health
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Impacting Consumer PPE, Sarcopenia
and Immunological Senescence.

Resulting in 5 divisions
32 app platforms.

Over 29 global patents,
first SmartMask conversion kit.

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World’s First and Only Patented
SmartMask Conversion Enhancement PPE Kit

Protection Against Present and Future Pandemics

With only approximately 3 percent of the world vaccinated as of April of this year and Bloomberg analytics indicating that it will require 7 years to globally vaccinate, we still have a long road ahead.

20 Ways SmartMask Protects Against Present and Future Pandemics

MedTech Patented SmartMask

PPE Conversion Enhancement Kit

20 Features That Improve Consumer PPE Masks

Increases breathability: 300-to-600 percent.
Cost savings: 1500-to-2500 percent.

Less than 9 percent facial contact.
15 seal-fitting cushions.

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How SmartMask Works

Fuzelo MedTech Division

Over 1900 designs.
Patent pending.

Think tank of engineers, scientists, designers
and Harvard/MIT medical doctor.

Experts believe any outbreak globally is an outbreak everywhere, impacting countries even with herd immunity.

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How SmartMask’s Innovative Technology Works

Why MedTech Patented
SmartMask Improves PPE

Experts indicate a mask’s facial fitting is more important than its material.

Surgical mask with nonwoven, meltblown material is effective but lacks seal fitting, breathability, comfort and filtration flow.

Surgical mask breathability by volume is as low as 39.99 cm.3

Smartmask converts and increases a surgical mask’s volume breathability by 600 percent, from 39.99 cm3 to 243 cm.3

SmartMask has developed 20 features that will significantly impact the effectiveness of surgical masks and other PPE masks illustrated below, offering multiple shaping units, dual sealing, increased filtration surface area for greater breathability, 15 air cushions for comfort and facial fitting adjustability.

How SmartMask Improves PPE Masks

How SmartMask Converts and Enhances a Surgical Mask into a High-End PPE Mask

15 custom air-fitting seal cushions.

Increases breathability/filtration 300-to-600 percent.

Cost savings: 1500-to-2500 percent.

Less than 9 percent facial contact.

Comparable to converting a Toyota into a Mercedes-Benz.

Volume Breathability 243 cm

Converts and enhances any mask into a more effective, better fitting, more comfortable, and breathable mask.

SmartMask PPE Comparison

3M/KN95 - $5 PPE MASK

SmartMask PPE Comparison

KN95 - $3 PPE MASK

SmartMask PPE Comparison

KF94 - $1.50 PPE MASK

SmartMask Offers 4 Levels of Adjustability, Increasing Volume Breathability

The patented MedTech SmartMask converts and enhances almost any consumer PPE mask, providing increased breathability, greater comfort, effectiveness, reusability and duration – all at the cost of one disposable N95.


The MedTech Patented SmartMask Kit

With over 1900 designs in a 14-month period, MedTech, a division of Fuzelo, has created SmartMask – the first conversion and enhancing kit that can transform almost any existing consumer PPE mask into a more comfortable, better-fitting, more volume-breathable mask.

With 20 features, 5 adjustable volume breathability levels, 9 filtration shapers, 3 sizes and reusability, SmartMask can significantly reduce COVID-19 global infection and death rates, all at the cost of a nonreusable N95 mask.

The MedTech Patented SmartMask Kit
  1. 15 Air-Cushion Seals
  2. Airflow Unit
  3. Four Inner Shaping Clip Options
  4. Four Adjustable Positions
  5. Uses Any PPE Mask
  6. Outer Seal Clip
  7. Optional Loop Extensions
  8. Optional Front Barrier Extension

In order to impact global COVID-19 infectious rates, which scientists say could continue for the next 7 years, MedTech will be pursuing the formation of a worldwide nonprofit coalition of 10 large companies to raise over $500 million to provide SmartMasks to the least developed countries.

The MedTech SmartMask can also be used as a civil defense tool, kept in its storage compartment until needed to protect residents against micro-outbreaks of COVID in certain targeted locales. Within 24 hours, these residents can be warned by text message to begin wearing their SmartMask for added safety. SmartMask provides protection against current and future viruses, while impacting global health and economics.

MedTech Civil Defense For Current and Future Pandemics

Bill Gates warned recently that the “next pandemic could be 10 times worse.” Preparing for future pandemics will be critical.

The HSC National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Contains Three Pillars:
1. Preparedness / Communication
2. Surveillance / Detection 3. Response / Containment

MedTech Civil Defense For Currentand Future Pandemics
Electron Microscope Reveals
Woven Fabric Masks vs. Nonwoven Meltblown Masks

An electron microscope reveals the key differences.

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“The SmartMask is genius -- can use with my N95, fabric or surgical mask. Fit and comfort are a million times better and adjustable breathing is amazing!!!”

- Bob T. (National Mask distributor)

“As a front line worker, my surgical mask was always loose and with direct mouth/nose contact. Smartmask is tight fitting and I can breath like with an N95 mask.”

- David P. (Front line worker)

“Sounds like you are onto something that could be very useful. Interesting solution. I can imagine that it is superior to the fix-the-mask device for comfort, with a good surgical mask.”

- Don M, MD, PhD - Professor

“I’d say it’s about time. It makes this surgical mask something I can wear longer and it fits better on my face.”

- Andrew S., theater worker, 24

“I like the idea -- and the initiative. I am interested in this because it makes my mask better than what we have now.”

- Rob W, 64, life coach

No mask or respirator is capable of providing 100 percent protection against any contaminant.

Patent Pending

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