COVID Surges in 4 of 5 of the World’s Most Vaccinated Countries—Here’s Why The U.S. Should Worry

The Seychelles and Bahrain, alongside other highly-vaccinated countries like the Maldives and Uruguay, have recorded the highest number of daily coronavirus cases worldwide. The combination of vaccination and public mask protection will be critical in ending the global pandemic.

20 Benefits of SmartMask

20 Benefits of SmartMask

  1. Several detachable patented filtration-shaping units that can emulate almost any mask filter, such as the N95, KF94 or FFP
  2. A 900-to-2500 percent cost savings below N95s
  3. Significantly increases the airtight seal of almost any mask
  4. Increases filtration between 400-to-900 percent
  5. Contacts less than 9 percent of user's face, versus up to 80-to-90 percent with most other PPE masks, resulting in significant heat discomfort
  6. Patented seal design around the nose, preventing the fogging of eyeglasses
  7. Patented seal includes 15 air-cushion units that conform to facial features, comparable to the comfort of pillows
  8. Patented outer and inner barrier shields to protect filter from contamination
  9. Increases duration and reuse of traditional PPE masks
  10. Substantially enhances efficacy of PPE masks
  11. Patented ear-loop attachment, allowing for reusable ear loops, reducing the 3 trillion that pollute our oceans and landfills
  12. Made in the USA
  13. Elimination of filter-layer material for facial comfort
  14. Three protective levels
  15. Patented SmartMask eyeglass (protective glasses, prescription glasses or sunglasses) attachment eliminating earlobes and hair lobes
  16. Cost effective for non-developed countries, establishing a Fuzelo COVID-19 nonprofit coalition
  17. Eliminating all nose and mouth filter contact, reducing contamination
  18. Improves breathability and airflow velocity
  19. Patented ear-loop design lifts bands from face for greater comfort and adjustable tightness
  20. Innovative design, bringing greater protection to the people of the world, one breath at a time.

Child SmartMask Conversion Kit

Requires half a surgical mask with glass frame ear attachment.

Completed in May 2021

SmartMask Storage

SmartMask can be stored, resulting in a 24-hour response capability for PPE protection against future pandemics by the general public.

Experts have indicated:

“There will be another pandemic, guaranteed.”

PPE response time is our greatest weapon against a pandemic.

At Fuzelo, our team is focused on your safety. Let’s work together and get back to school, work and life.

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No mask or respirator is capable of providing 100 percent protection against any contaminant. Specifically, COVID-19 is a new virus that has not been thoroughly researched. Fuzelo cannot claim that SmartMask guarantees protection against COVID-19. Further, we disclaim any liability for users contracting COVID-19 or any other virus or medical condition while using our products. Please consult your doctor about the type of PPE that’s right for you. Follow directions before use. Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect you have a medical problem. The information on this Website is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Fuzelo is not liable for any incidental, indirect, consequential or special damages of any kind, including those resulting from the infection of COVID-19 or any other substance occurring during the use of our products.