To impact global health fitness technology through science, innovation and uncompromising quality, to solve health problems and improve quality of life.


Fuzelo has over 19 years of experience in the scientific research and development of innovative health/fitness app platforms, disruptive strategies and VR/AR/AI technology. The founders have invested millions in order to develop their passion for real science and proven disruptive strategies.

While most health startups are just beginning the marathon at the first mile, Fuzelo has reached the 19-mile mark and is increasing the pace. Fuzelo is prepared to launch the first and largest telehealth/telefitness super app – with over 32 platforms, integrating telehealth VR/AR/AI technology and 8 disruptive proven strategies, that will impact global consumer mass markets at a cost of less than $10 per month, yet with a 5-to-9 times greater perceived value.

Launching in the fall of 2020, with projected pre-IPO revenue of $3.5 billion and sales of 12-to-20 million virtual reality units, featuring thousands of immersive telehealth adventure games.

Fuzelo has over 19 years of experience in media, scientific research, immunology, sarcopenia, bioengineering, retail and manufacturing around the world. Our current management team includes 27 executives and over 39 vendors/manufacturers.

Mav Hoeven – CEO of Global Operations

Mike Kocourek – CEO of Domestic Operations

Carla Van Der Hoeven– Co-founder

Dan Nguyen – CFO

Mike Smith – CCO (Chief Creative Officer)

Dr. Marvin Slepian, MD, PhD Immunologist/Cardiologist

Dr. Phyllis Gerber, MD , Anti-aging expert/Immunologist

Barry Jacobs – SVP Media Operations

Bill Suman – SVP Corporate & Product Design

Kelly Burns – SVP of Business Development

Marco Noordam – VP International Operations

Bob Todd – VP Retail Sales

Mark William – VP App Operations

James Kocourek – VP of Technology   

Alberto Menache- SVP Software Engineering

Bill Gilmour- VP of Healthcare Div. & Corporate Wellness

John Walker – Director of Training

Dr. Dustin Agnelli – Director of Fitness Health

Christopher Brewster- VP – VR/AR/3D Video Production

Rick Petry – Director of Creativity

Dr. Arnel Aguinaldo – Director of Kinesiology

Sean Blodgett – Director of Filming

Phil Huang – AVP Software Engineer

Damien Howell PT,DTP, OCS – Physical Therapy Consultant

Allen Selner, DPM – Biomechanical Alignment Consultant


Unity Technologies – Unity real-time 3D development platform

IBM Watson / IBM Watson Healthcare

Alteryx Inc. -Simplified Data Analytics

Markers Nutrition Manufacturing

Art FitzSimmons – Award Winning TV Commercial Production 

Digital InfoLab – Innovative Software Solutions 

VR Playhouse VR/AR Film Production

Beard Boy VR/AR Film Production

Mercury Media / River Direct

BDO – Accounting Firm

Deloitte – Accounting Firm

IDP Innovative Design Products

Andesign Engineering and Manufacturing

Leisure Marketing- Retail Mass Brokers

Morrison & Foerster – Domestic Patent Legal

Witte, Weller & Partner – International Patent Legal 

Product Development Technologies

Orion Business Innovations – Software development Partner 

Lumus – AR / MR optical display manufacturer.

United Plastics Manufacturers

YonKang Trade

Zhejiang Sports manufacture

Lezway Technology

Shihengji Limited

Yongkang Mstar

Yiwu Sports

Nantong Fitness – Animated Avatar

8i – Volumetric Video

Insta360 – 360 video cameras

Tianjin Nano manufacture

Nanchang Technology 

Jiangxi industrial

Weichuangjia Technology

Frangsheng Yida Science & Technology

Hubei Technology

Quanzhou Electronic

Ninghai Jianda Sports

Jiangsu Rambo Fitness

Mechanical Medicine – biomechanical products 

Paragon Laboratories & manufacturing