Years of Experience Unlimited Potential

Years of Experience Unlimited Potential

Based on 20 years of experience and developments, Fuzelo, Inc. will be launching the first and largest telehealth/telefitness super app, with 32 revenue platforms that will incorporate new VR/AI technology to impact global health and the consumer mass market.


Health and fitness is a $5 trillion market. The average American spends $155 per month on their health and fitness, which generates more media sales than any other single product category.

Several studies among technology CMO’s and accounting firms such as Ernst and Young found that women represent over 80 percent of consumer mass purchasing and “are more interested in virtual reality for fitness or health than for entertainment and gaming.” Currently, the hundreds of fitness health apps and stores concentrate on small niche markets. Fuzelo will be attracting the 85 percent of Americans (179 million people) who do not strength or cardio exercise due to boredom, inconvenience and cost.

The Amazon of Health Fitness Apps

Fuzelo will be the first and largest telehealth/telefitness super app in the world, rising to become the Amazon or Facebook of health fitness apps. Developing new product technology, implementing a world-class video production facility, 12 proprietary TV/retail commercials, 9 bioengineering products and over 32 telehealth/telefitness platforms within one super app, we are conservatively projecting $3.5 billion in revenue and $1.5 billion in net income within 12 months, and profitability within 7 months. These projections will exceed Facebook’s 12-month pre-IPO of $3.1 billion and net income of $1 billion, then valued at $104 billion post-IPO in 2013, and currently valued at $577 billion.

Patents Plus R&D

Fuzelo has over 29 global issued patents, over 9 proprietary bioengineering products, 12 proprietary TV/retail products and over 32 potential app growth platforms, and will allocate over $100 million annually in product/bioengineering R&D.

Partners of 4 top financial accounting firms such as Marcum, Deloitte and HBLA have reviewed Fuzelo’s business plan, indicating that the super app was impressive based on market capacity, opportunity and growth. Amazon’s super app is valued at almost $1 trillion, making it worth more than Target, Walmart and Costco combined. Facebook’s super app is valued at $577 billion. That makes it worth more than Citigroup, ATT and General Electric, when added together. In 2018, Netflix’s super app had a market value of more than $152 billion, ahead of both Comcast and Disney.

These mega app platforms generate much less revenue but received a greater market value due to lower operating expenses and greater growth opportunities. In addition, these companies were the first in their categories, just as Fuzelo’s telehealth/telefitness super app will be the first and largest in its category, projecting comparable market value growth.


Fuzelo’s executive team has over 20 years of experience in VR/AI and global mass TV/retail marketing, with successfully-advertised retail branded products in 52 countries. The Fuzelo super app will have 32 revenue-generating health platforms, with a membership cost of $9.99 per month. Our super platform will incorporate proprietary, newly-designed VR fitness headsets, thousands of telefitness adventure games, fitness e-sports, AR personal training, a blockchain-based super app, self-funding TV commercials and 50-to-100 billion artificial intelligence datapoints.

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