Fuzelo will be implementing 7 self-funding TV-commercial products (compared to Peloton’s single-product strategy). In addition, we will pursue the 200 million American consumers who shop retail every week. Concurrently, we are developing a completely new telefitness video workout concept, offering thousands of at-home, immersive adventure gaming videos, where Egyptian mummies or even the Mona Lisa will challenge you with a 9-minute, medically-designed workout impacting immunity and sarcopenia senescence.

The founders have invested millions in order to develop their passion for real science, resulting in proprietary fitness products that will impact the health of today’s 269 million Americans — 4 billion globally — who do not strength exercise, causing more rapid aging, loss of bone mass and immune system decline, medically referred to as sarcopenia immune senescence.

We are rare within the telehealth/telefitness market, based on our extensive inhouse research into sarcopenia immune senescence, bioengineering and wellness that has resulted in globally-issued patents and peer-reviewed scientific studies. We will be allocating over $100 million annually in bioengineering and telehealth research, in areas such as immunology, HS cardiac screening, home telehealth, low-back pain and more.

The one question the post-quarantine population will ask is: “How do I strengthen my immune system?” Fuzelo will have the answers, the affordability and the technology to attract and impact the mass consumer’s health and fitness demands. We were also notified in April of 2020 that we’ve been nominated for the award of “Leader in Health Innovation,” from a list of thousands of candidates.