Disruptive Proven Strategies

Membership Algorithmic Retail Value

No e-commerce or retail company has ever totally implemented a 100 percent membership algorithmic retail platform, disrupting retail markets and resulting in significant barriers among competitors, such as Amazon, health apps and retailers.

Fuzelo Proprietary Products

Fuzelo Proprietary Products will disrupt the health/fitness industry by providing premium-quality products at prices lower than major online and on-ground retailers, accessed through a membership-based health fitness super app with over 32 platforms committed to improving immunity, wellness and overall health.

Super Telehealth Platforms

Fuzelo will be the first and largest health technology super app, with over 32 disruptive platforms featuring VR/AR/AI telehealth/telefitness scientific programs supported by MDs, PhDs and Dr. Z, plus innovative health products, thousands of fitness adventure videos, AI telehealth platforms and extensive scientific/ bioengineering research, providing health products that improve quality of life.

Bioengineering Products

Fuzelo’s suite of bioengineering solutions combines billions of health information datapoints and 19 patented products with advanced motion-capture and wearable remote-monitoring technology, each integrated into our more than 32-platform super app, to provide medical professionals with time-critical intelligence and actionable insights while delivering scalable income streams.

Telefitness Adventure GAMING

At the core of the Fuzelo philosophy is a passion to impact telefitness, leveraging Hollywood cinematic technology through the magic of VR/AR/AI, creating a completely new disruptive telefitness landscape that has not changed in 2500 years, impacting sarcopenia immunology with Dr. Z and thousands of fitness adventure videos. We are not born with a strong immune system. It is developed through knowledge and the tools of science.

Self-funding Media

Fuzelo will be the first to disrupt the DRTV and mass retail industry with its VR/AR/AI super app and 12 proprietary products, resulting in national media branding within 5-to-9 months and reducing customer acquisition costs to less than 5 percent.

Fuzelo Protective Equipment

Since the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, Fuzelo’s think tank of immunologists, bioengineers, MDs and PhDs have reimagined the contemporary modes of protection against COVID-19. The result is a game changer: The Fuzelo Smart AI Tri-Mask, integrating eye, nose and mouth protection into a single unit. There’s no need for a separate pair of safety glasses, a separate surgical mask and a separate face shield. The Tri-Mask addresses all three vulnerable in-points at once — forming a non-porous barrier covering 90 percent of the face while redirecting airflow back into the unit, making it far more difficult for a virus to either enter or exit. This is the first in a long line of FPE currently in development.

Fuzelo Artificial Intelligence

Encompassing telehealth technology disciplines from AI psychotherapy to AI physical therapy, Fuzelo Artificial Intelligence has the potential to revolutionize life care, helping people to remain independent and healthier longer. Based on our Mass Algorithmic Retail Value (MARV) disruptive model, most FAI services will be offered free, resulting in hundreds of dollars in savings for our members, where other niche health apps charge $.50-to-$1 per minute.